To explore and develop ICAN climate policy seven areas are nominated for development. The first is concerned with the ‘implementation of national climate emergency response planning by government’. Another six are considered foundational components of an emergency-based climate policy response including:

  1. 100% Renewable Energy Transition
  2. Managed Phase Out of the Fossil Fuel Industry
  3. Natural Resource and Ecosystem Management for Carbon Sequestration
  4. Investment in Science and Technology to implement Carbon Drawdown
  5. Creating a Beyond Zero Emissions Society
  6. Planned Adaptation for Unavoidable Climate Impacts

Each of these policy issue areas are explored and developed in individual forum threads with an introductory post for each. As the forum progresses it will become apparent that there are sub policy areas to each, and these too will be developed under dedicated threads.

In addition to these policy forums, ICAN is also establishing an expert policy development and review panel to progress the best policy outcomes possible for addressing the climate emergency. ICAN is not opposed to endorsing and supporting policies developed by other political parties and where we see that such policies effectively address identified needs we will readily adopt or support them.

ICAN’s policy commitments will remain relatively generic up until the time that the Federal election is called and at that time, we will define our climate change policy commitments across all seven areas.

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