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Kammy Cordner Hunt

North East Victoria identity and activist, Kammy Cordner Hunt, has joined ICAN for the Victorian Senate ticket at this election. A former Shire Councilor and community environmental educator, she has experience in a wide range of local and regional activism for influencing environmental and climate outcomes.

Kammy has a Bachelor of Science (Geology, Meterology, Mining) with a Dip Ed in Chemistry and Maths, and taught Science at the Timbertop Campus GGS.

A small business owner/operator, Kammy envisages the positive economic impact of transitioning to a renewable economy, and believes in capitalising on  science-based climate solutions for economic opportunities. Kammy said, “We can waitno longer – at this election, we must put climate first. Climate action will help build the strong, new economy we need.”

Kammy believes “the next course of action for ICAN is to get into that policy-making milieu, and work constructively with whichever party is in power to drive outcomes to fix our mess and secure the future health of our planet, while opening up new opportunities for growth, jobs and profit in essential, clean new industries.”

Kammy also has a background in equestrian sport and the Arts. She is a former president of a State-level Sporting Association (Pony Club Victoria), and has worked with the Arts Council of Mansfield in the development of community art projects in theatre and literature.