If in Parliament, Kammy will work with the governing party, opposition and cross benchers to address inter-generational inequity by tackling key areas:

1 Climate Action/environment;

2 Wrestling our democracy back from vested interests (Federal ICAC);

3 Restoring equity in housing affordability, higher education access and job/career opportunities.

Kammy will stand to:


Avert Climate Change Disaster

  • Declare a Climate Emergency and act accordingly
  • Strive for fast reduction and elimination of the use of fossil fuels
  • Accelerate a transition of industries and jobs in the new economy
  • Stop Adani Carmichael Coal Mine, and all future coal mine projects
  • Prevent Equinor drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight
  • Gradually decommission all coal mines, oil rigs, gas extraction
  • Develop a Renewable Energy based Economy, free of fossil fuels
  • Aim for a 1.5C max temperature rise, and 350 ppm CO2 concentration


Develop a Renewable Energy/Fossil Fuel-free based economy

  • Invest in R & D for power storage/battery development
  • R & Din other initiatives to support renewable uptake/cost lowering
  • Address grid issues cited as holding back uptake


Tackle single-use plastics

  • Evolve away from the Throw-away Society mentality
  • Develop a plan for a multi-nation action on floating continents of plastic


Commit to increasing wild spaces to ensure continued diversity of species

  • Marine and Land Reserves
  • Take action on preserving threatened habitats and species
  • Say No to incursions into important habitats by developers/extractors


Work with all nations to restore health to our shared oceans and all marine life

  • Preserve sustainable fisheries for human consumption
  • End whaling for ‘scientific purposes’
  • Curb rising CO2 to prevent acidification of oceans
  • Put the future health of the Great Barrier Reef at the top of the agenda
  • Develop a plan for a multi-nation action on floating continents of plastic


Reduce over-consumption of Earth’s resources

  • Move away from an endless growth ideology
  • Address rampant consumerism and the landfill issues that follow
  • Review packaging laws to reduce impact of over-packaging on landfill
  • Set a sustainable population target; address migration policies



I will fight to keep the people of our constituencies as the guiding principle for policy and decision making, NOT vested interests or influence of biased media.

I will expose and fight corruption by political powers or their sponsors, to ensure better economic decisions for all people.

I will stand against “trickle-up economics” – economic decisions designed to enhance the wealth and power of large entities while transferring costs to the ratepayer.

I will push to find new ways to create a realistic new economy that does not involve perpetual growth; embrace innovation and ingenuity.

I will fight for a Renewable Energy based Economy, a 1.5C max temperature rise, and 350 ppm CO2 concentration.

I will ensure economic policy takes account of the costs to the environment, and places a dollar value on natural resources such as clean air, clean water, habitat and species diversity.

I will fight policies that result in over-consumption of resources with no account of the cost to future generations.

I will fight economic policies that rely on endless population growth and endless development for justification – it is not possible to sustain these.

I will bring policies that address the current trend in inter-generational inequity – housing costs, higher education access and job/career opportunities.



Kammy seeks to work with regional bodies, groups and individuals to address issues affecting them on:-

Climate Change

  • Work with farmers to minimise Climate Change, and thus disruption to, and hardship for, their industry.
  • Stand with farmers against practices and policies contributing to Climate Change.
  • Enable innovation for emissions-reducing farming practices.



  • Maintain vigorous opposition to CSG extractive practice onshore and offshore, thereby to protect farmland and aquifers.
  • Uphold the Landholders’ Right to Refuse (Gas and Coal) Bill 2013


Foreign Ownership

  • Stand against foreign purchase/ownership of agricultural land and utilities – ports, rail etc.


Water Security

  • Say No to selling of water to entities based outside of Australia.
  • Say No to ‘Fracking’ (CSG) – proven already that it damages aquifers.
  • Say no more access to any water free of charge for big Mining Companies. Should be charged for environmental damage and loss ( and not be entitled to more than any other Australian citizen.


Murray Darling Basin Commission

  • Block undue influence by strong companies that creates inequities for farmers, smaller entities and environment
  • Call for Inquest into Corruption and mismanagement along the distribution line of the river system. Royal Commission into fish kills. Hold politicians to account for malpractice in administration of water licences, buy-backs etc.
  • Act on theft / misappropriation of grants exposed by investigative journalism.
  • Review current unspecified and possibly illegal retail activities by governments.
  • Address unacceptable impact on farming communities


Irrigation Waters

  • Address gross inequities between Holders and Users of water
  • Investigate artificial pricing and blocking of supply by Holders, which are oppressive to the rights of Users, especially farmers in drought conditions.
  • Demand that market pricing of water be repealed so that farmers in essential food industries (eg Dairy) are not competing with powerful industries.
  • Our water should be used to feed and hydrate us, not to make speculators rich.



Kammy seeks to restore those aspects of our democracy which have been hijacked, causing a loss of faith in a large percentage of Australians in the state of our democracy.

She will:-

  • Stand for a Federal ICAC, to reduce the level of corruption now being experienced in Australian politics.
  • Push for Party Donation Reform, to end the corrupted tradition of political donations.
  • Demand a way to end the “revolving doors” of politics and big business; to expose any post-political positions MPs may have lined up which compromise their ability to represent their people.
  • Uphold the UN Charter of Human Rights, to treat other human beings with dignity and compassion.
  • Introduce an Australian Bill of Rights, to enable the judiciary to act on abuses of Human Rights in Australia.
  • Facilitate and find funding to help educate all Australians on how our electoral system/ voting/ Democracy works.
  • Disspell the myths and fears shrouding these valuable processes (encouraged by the major parties) to increase equality in elections.
  • Agitate for “Campaign Reform” – create equal opportunities for candidates of all parties – broadcast debates on “our ABC”; local “Meet the Candidate” evenings; equitable advertising and poster controls.
  • Equalize opportunities for all parties in the media during election campaigns; impose spending limits on PR and advertising;
  • Litigate against lying, abuse, defamation and deliberate misleading misinformation in the lead up to elections.
  • Vigorously reduce the paper warfare at polling booths on Election day (expensive AND a waste of resources), by introducing alternative ways to convey party messages.


The decisions Kammy makes in Parliament will be based on the intent of these policy snapshots listed here – to rescue the future of our planet, to put ALL people – their needs, their rights and their future – before money or power, and to bring back fairness, especially for young people.