Frequently Asked Questions

What evidence from scientific organisations is available to view?2018-11-19T17:50:54+10:00

The IPCC report on climate change can be found here https://ipcc.ch/report/ar5/
Numerous scientific organisations including the CSIRO and Australia’s Bureau Of Meteorology have complied reports illustrating the evidence and likely future scenarios of climate change.
NASA has a climate page detailing changes in temperatures, ice sheets etc

How could a minor party like ICAN influence government policy?2018-11-19T17:40:37+10:00

In recent years we have witnessed the powerful influence of the cross bench in policy outcomes pursued by government. If ICAN is able to secure seats on the cross bench we too will be able to influence policy outcomes. By participating in the electoral process ICAN also stands to raise the profile of the climate emergency with the Australian electorate and put the major parties on notice that their climate policies are inadequate.

Why not just support existing parties like the Greens?2018-11-19T17:33:13+10:00

While the Greens have good climate policies, their electoral attractiveness can be impacted by their broader policy agenda. ICAN provides a voting opportunity for the ~60% of Australians including non-free voters who want to see strong action on climate change. In government ICAN will work with any climate action committed party.

Does ICAN have policies on issues other than the climate emergency.2018-11-20T16:37:26+10:00

Other than policies that come under the 6 tiers of the climate emergency response, ICAN representatives are essentially independents that seek to represent the policy aspirations of their electorates. Under the principals of the party, representatives are also committed to evidence based policy.

If I join will I have to run for governent?2018-11-16T20:38:36+10:00

No. All political parties have active or standing members and passive members, who simply add to the numbers supporting the standing members.

If I join, can I stand for election?2018-11-16T13:31:38+10:00

Yes. If you want to run as an ICAN member you can.

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