Annette Schnider

Ph: 02 6236 3232

Annette is a farmer, author, artist and activist. She had never been a party member until she joined Independents for Climate Action Now. After finally finding a party focussed fully on climate action, Annette was swift to come onboard, committing to becoming a senator for NSW in the upper house.

Annette has studied History and Philosophy of Science at UNSW and has a Masters Degree in Digital Art from ANU. She is passionate about the environment, animals and people and has been actively involved in fighting for their intrinsic rights.

As she watched thousands of students demanding a future in the face of climate catastrophe, Annette felt overwhelming pride in the strength of the younger generation and grave fear for their future. “We cannot allow greedy, corrupt governments to continue their climate inaction” she said.

Annette stands on her record of activism, fighting for equality and environmental issues.

She pledges to:

* Focus on climate action.
* Support locally built renewable energy sources, transport and innovation.
* Reject consumerism; supporting recycling, sustainable agriculture and reafforestation.
* Stand against the use of nuclear weapons or energy.
* Support the autonomous authority of Aboriginal Australians and their quest for Makarrata.
* Support a federal ICAC.
* Give 40% of her parliamentary salary to pay the fines of those charged with non-violent civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry or for climate education.
* Go and stop an Adani or Shenhua train herself, if they ever start running.