ICAN Candidate profile – Dr Andy Lewis

Dr Andy Lewis has lived in North Queensland for the last 32 years while working as a marine scientist and small business owner. Andy has raised 4 children on Magnetic Island, and is a passionate advocate for sustainable management of our natural environment and building long-term economic and ecological prosperity for our people and our nation. He has seen first-hand the effects of climate change on our Great Barrier Reef, and strongly believes that this World Heritage icon is far too precious and important to be degraded on our watch. As the economic and social costs of climate disruption keep growing across our country, Andy believes the science and the message is clear – stabilising our climate and powering our country with clean energy are the keys to saving our reef, our environment, and delivering our society and our nation a viable future.

Australia is blessed with the most renewable energy of any nation in the world, and Andy believes that now is the time to realise our potential as a clean-energy innovator and an exporter of clean energy and clean energy technology to our whole region. We have the opportunity to show global leadership, become a renewable energy superpower and deliver our people and our nation a viable future, and this is what he will be working towards upon election to the Senate.

Let’s remind ourselves that we are supposed to be the clever country, and get on with it!

Dr Andy Lewis – Policy Statement