ICAN was founded in October 2018

in response to the Australian Governments failure to effectively address the climate emergency.

Bad things happen when good people sit back and do nothing. Join Us!

ICAN’s Emergency based policy response to climate change has six tiers:

1.     100% Renewable Energy Transition

2.     Managed Phase Out of Fossil Fuel Industry

3.     Natural Resource and Ecosystem Management for Carbon Sequestration

4.     Investment in Science and Technology to implement Carbon Drawdown

5.     Creating a Beyond Zero Emissions Society

6.     Planned Adaptation for Unavoidable Climate Impacts

More detailed policies under these 6 tiers are currently being progressed by party members and representatives. We will update the policies as they are drafted.

Join us. Together we can make a difference!

ICAN aims to:

  • Disrupt Australia’s party based political system by making climate change a non-partisan issue
  • Provide additional voting options for the 60% of Australians who want ‘effective action on climate change even if it costs us economically’ (Lowy Institute 2018)
  • Put major parties on notice that their climate policies do not reflect the science in terms of addressing the climate emergency
  • Move the balance of power to a broad political block of climate action committed independents
  • Raise the profile of the climate emergency amongst the Australian electorate
  • Put our nation on a path toward collaborative international action that CAN avert climate catastrophe, and
  • Provide our youth with hope for a viable future.

ICAN does not receive political donations from corporate interests.
We are funded by the good wishes of the Australian public like yourself, who want to see a positive future for our selves and our children.
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Let’s not wait until it’s too late…


We need

Climate Action Now!

What’s ICAN all about?

ICAN is a party of allied Independents from across the political spectrum bound by a commitment to delivering effective, scientific evidence-based policies to address the Climate Emergency.

Science informs us that Climate Change is an existential threat to human society and life as we know it. 

An emergency situation requires an emergency response.

It requires Climate Action Now!

ICAN founder Jim Tait

Jim Tait - ICAN founder and leader

Jim Tait

Jim Tait is an Environmental Scientist, Freshwater Ecologist and Consultant with 32 years experience within Industry, Government and the Community. Based in the Northern Rivers NSW Jim is a family man and nature lover.
Jim has a past as an environmental campaigner and has also managed National Assessments of Australia’s Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health. Jim first became fully aware of the severity of the threat posed by climate change during the preparation of a National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy in 2004.